B ecome a hero of the ages in RPCiege, a game unlike any other, where your strength of mind is the only thing standing between innocent lives and the beasts and monsters of the realm.

In RPCiege, sieges are released periodically and are composed of a series of individual games called skirmishes that teach the basics of Soroban smart contract development. Each skirmish presents a small coding challenge in Rust that must be completed for players to be awarded NFT playing cards. 

So dive into the world of RPCiege and let your feats reverberate throughout the realm! 


Learn about upcoming sieges by keeping an eye out for announcements in the coding games channels in the Stellar Developer Discord or by following Soroban on Twitter.


New siege instructions will be added to the RPCiege booklet as they are released.


Follow the booklet’s instructions carefully to complete each skirmish, receive NFT playing card(s), and earn your spot on the RPCiege leaderboard.



Gather your allies, your weapons, your wits, for your fate in RPCiege depends on them!

What you’ll need for success:
  • A computer. Even a tiny computer will do.
  • Your fingers, or whatever you use to type.
  • The ability to read.
  • An adventurous spirit and powerful smarts.
But for real:
  • A Rust toolchain
  • An editor that supports Rust: many editors support Rust, including Visual Studio Code.
  • Soroban CLI: the command line interface to Soroban that allows you to build, deploy, and interact with smart contracts, configure identities, generate keypairs, manage networks, and more.


Each skirmish is unique, but the following two items apply to all:
Always use our official RPC endpoint when enacting your attacks:, along with the `TESTNET` network passphrase `Test SDF Network ; September 2015`
For each gameplay contract invocation, you’ll want to include as the function’s final argument the `Address` of your own Mainnet Stellar public key where you’d like to receive your pack of commemorative NFT playing cards. We will issue these NFT playing cards as claimable balances to this address only if it exists as a funded account on the `PUBLIC` network.

Collecting Cards

Every siege has its own unique set of NFT playing cards available for players to collect. And each completed skirmish entitles the player to receive between one and three cards from that siege's expansion pack.

Cards depict a courageous hero, villainous villain, useful (or useless) tool (I’m looking at you, Orbital Cannon), or other various characters.

Read more about the characters and lore on our Codex page.

You can claim your NFT playing cards using whatever method you'd like with any Stellar network wallet. However, we’ve built a simple claim page over at to aid in the claiming process.


And, of course, it would be neglectful to not talk about the backbone of RPCiege, the Soroban smart contracts platform, which is designed to work alongside and integrate with the Stellar blockchain. Soroban smart contracts are written in Rust and compiled into Wasm for deployment.

If you’re new to Soroban and want to get your feet wet before diving into RPCiege, the Getting Started section in the Soroban docs is a great place to begin your journey.



The Stellar network is a layer-1, open-source, decentralized blockchain network that provides the framework for developers to create applications, issue assets, and more. With the addition of Soroban, the Stellar network now supports smart contracts on Testnet and Mainnet!

Ready to dive in?

Step forth into the world of RPCiege, where coding challenges await. Harness the power of smart contract development on Soroban and fight for everlasting peace!

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