B lossom Bernice Bredenblach (Bee for short) has returned to Earth after spending several years in space learning to communicate with an alien species. The aliens have revealed to Bee that there is an ancient and evil organization on Earth called the Dragons of Destiny (DOD) that has been plotting humanity’s demise for centuries. 

Bee is tasked with recruiting the help of various warriors, spies, and other brave individuals to aid her in finding the organization’s leader and destroying the DODs before their nefarious schemes end the world as we know it.

Of course, this immense task is fraught with peril. The Dragons of Destiny have the ability to travel through time and space, entering into other dimensions to enlist the help of ancient and supernatural monsters and beasts. 

Each siege in RPCiege sees Bee and our hero (that’s you!) leveraging the power of Soroban to overcome the challenges set upon them by the DODs as they work to bring everlasting peace to Planet Earth.


RPCiege Vanilla

The first siege of RPCiege saw our heroes vanquish several evil overlords, instated by the Dragons of Destiny, that had been ruling over the realm’s territories with tyranny and warfare for decades. 

Midnight Madness

Following the defeat of the ruthless overlords, a different type of monster emerged. In the second siege, our heroes fought against ghouls, zombies, and werewolves to defend the lives of innocent villagers.


The realm of RPCiege is full of unique characters, both hero and villain, all with colorful backstories. Here are some of the personas you may encounter as you embark upon your own journey.

Viking Raider

Fierce and relentless, the Viking Raider sails forth, their axe and shield a harbinger of conquest and plunder.

Ready to dive in?

Step forth into the world of RPCiege, where coding challenges await. Harness the power of smart contract development on Soroban and fight for everlasting peace!

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