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Code. Control. Conquer!

Shape the future!

Vanquish villainous evildoers

Become a hero of legends and immerse yourself in lore and art.

Master smart contract development

Gain wisdom in smart contract development fundamentals.

Hone your Rust knowledge

Sharpen your coding savvy by completing bite-sized challenges in Rust.

Collect coveted NFT playing cards

Amass NFT playing cards dedicated to the feats of your fellow champions.



In the realm of RPCiege, every skirmish conquered is not just a victory but a badge of honor. Each challenge completed earns the player an NFT playing card they can show off to display their impressive coding acumen.

Forge Alliances


hat is success if you can’t celebrate (or boast about it) amongst your friends?

Join the Stellar Developer Discord and select the Coding Games and Challenges role to revel in victory, commiserate in hardship, and unite against the realm’s nefarious villains

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Prepare for the siege!


Brace yourselves, adventurers! New sieges are released periodically, where you will leverage Soroban, the Stellar network's smart contract platform, to complete a set of skirmishes. Or put your mettle to the test by revisiting previous games and claiming the top spot in the corresponding leaderboard.


Don’t worry, your allies are always by your side!

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